A Brief History of Halstead and District Choral Society

Halstead and District Choral Society was originally known as the The Halstead Singers. It disbanded during the Second World War and was reformed in 1953 by the well known local musician Cecil Sturgis who conducted the Society for twenty seven years.

The Halstead Singers renamed as Halstead and District Choral Society in 1957 - 60 years ago

Musical Director Year Musical Director Year
Cecil Sturgis 1953 to 1981 Moira Frize-Williams 1993 to 1996
John York Skinner 1981 Jonathan Linridge 1996 to 1997
Stephen Kenna 1982 to 1985 Martin Seymour 1997 to 2003
Tim Miller 1985 Toby Parr 2003 to 2006
David Wood 1987 Mark Bellis 2006 to 2009
Richard Walshaw 1989 to 1990 Ellis Bell 2009 to 2013
Roger Muttit 1991 to 1992 Philip Prior 2013 to 2017
Tom Langley 1992 James Davey Current

What we have sung over the years

  Bach Christmas Oriatorio Handel Te Deum Moneverdi Beatus Vir
  Brahms Requiem Haydn Creaton Mozart Mass in C, Requiem
  Britten's Te Deum Hundreds of Carols Puccini Messa di Gloria
  Duruffle Requiem Italian Opera Choruses Rutter Various
  Elgar Various Jubilato Deo Verdi Requiem
  Faure Requiem Karl Jenkin's Armed Man Vivaldi Gloria
  Gilbert and Sullivan Various Medley of Andew Lloyd Webber and other modern pieces Williams Various
  Handels Coronation Anthems  
  Handels Messiah Mendelssohn Elijah